Tuesday, March 17, 2009

James Paroline

Retired Seattleite James Paroline, 60, a Vietnam veteran, was murdered last July by Keith David Brown, then 28.

On the evening of July 9, Paroline was watering the traffic circle garden at the intersection of 61st Avenue South and South Cooper Street, in Seattle’s Rainier Beach area, just as he did every day.

The garden had only recently been built by the city, after years of prodding by Paroline, who took it upon himself to do that sort of thing. Paroline placed the cones to keep his water hose from getting crushed, and presumably to protect himself from getting crushed, as well. The cones forced drivers to pass by the entrance to the intersection, and enter after the traffic circle.

Instead of doing that, a group of young black women and girls stopped their two cars, blocking traffic, and began harassing Paroline, trying to throw away his cones and, after he responded by splashing them with water, getting in his face and screaming at, and throwing a water jug at him. Then one of them called Brown, the career criminal-boyfriend of one of the girls’ sisters, who quickly drove to the traffic circle, and murdered Paroline with a sucker punch.

For the rest of the story, as the recently departed Paul Harvey, may he rest in peace, would have said, please turn to my American Renaissance exclusive, “Three Race Murders in Seattle,” on the racially motivated murders of Paroline and his fellow Seattlites, Kristopher Kime (during the 2001 Mardi Gras black race riot) and “the Tuba Man,” Edward Scott McMichael.

Although an entry was up at Wikipedia/The Pretend Encyclopedia (TPE) about Oscar Grant, the felon who was shot to death in the wee hours of New Year’s Day on an Oakland subway platform by BART policeman Johannes Mehserle less than five days after Grant’s death, and Google just returned 1,020,000 hits for “Oscar Grant shooting”; eight months after James Paroline’s murder, you won’t find any TPE entry devoted to, or so much as mentioning him, and his name returns a paltry 1,770 hits at Google, including references to my article.

And that is not at all surprising, in this day and age. After all, by TPE’s politically correct standards, there are four reasons not to have an entry on Paroline’s death: 1. Paroline is a dead white guy, so his life had no value; 2. Paroline was a Vietnam vet which, except for traitors and con men, is yet another invisible demographic to TPE’s leftwing enforcers; 3. He was a law-abiding citizen, which is so bor-ing; and 4. He was murdered by a black man, something that the lefties at TPE want no whites to know about. By contrast, those same lefties found the Grant shooting worthy of an entry, because: 1. Grant was black, his life thus intrinsically more valuable than James Paroline’s; 2. Grant was a felon, and thus an object of sympathy; and 3. Grant was shot to death by a white policeman, which made his life politically of use.

Will someone please post an article on James Paroline at TPE? Attention must be paid!

By Nicholas Stix