Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Quick Look at Wikipedia Reveals Two Quick Lies

By Nicholas Stix

A quick look at The Pretend Encyclopedia revealed two quick lies.

I checked to see if anyone had corrected the hit-piece entry on my colleague, Marcus Epstein, about which I wrote a brief item on November 21. No such luck.

And it seems that just before my piece, some wikipropagandist had falsified Epstein's religious identity, changing it from “Category: American Jews” to “Category: American people of Jewish descent.”

Marcus is a Jew, not a person of “Jewish descent,” a category which covers Jews and gentiles alike. I suppose it could have been worse. Consider the barbarism “American people,” as opposed to simply “Americans.” At least The Pretend Encyclopedia has yet to do away completely with the adjective “American,” as part of the project to do away with America.

The top of the same page is devote to a large, fraudulent, fundraising appeal, “A personal appeal from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.”

Jimmy Wales isn't the founder of TPE/WP, he's its co-founder. Larry Sanger co-founded the site with Wales, but is not at fault for its status as a provider of half and whole lies.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Marcus Epstein

By Nicholas Stix

The Wikipedia entry on Marcus Epstein is a hit piece; no more, no less. It exaggerates negatives and opinionated attacks from the sleaziest of sources, not to mention sources whose existence cannot even be corroborated, and suppresses information that would cast the subject in a positive light, and his detractors in a negative one.

The WP propagandists call Epstein him “half-Jewish,” when he’s a Jew, pure and simple. (Though the notion has been widely promoted, outside of Nazism, there are no “half-Jews,” anyway.)

Wikipedians grant communist propaganda and defamation mill SPLC, violent, communist/anarchist/whatever group One People’s Project, and socialist mill Talking Points Memo status as “reliable sources.” Note that they ruthlessly censor mention of critical opinion pieces by non-leftists in entries on leftists.

On the talk page, WP enforcers seek to intimidate anyone who tries to use WP’s own standards with ad hominem attacks. When TheGoodLocust argued, “I have a problem with the scans coming from such an obviously biased source,” Wikienforcer shot back,

TheGoodLocust, why are you tying to defend this dude? Are you related to him or in some Neo Conservative movement? The guy did it! If you need more evidence go to the federal court house website and look up his court records (you know its public record right?) Moreover this kid has a trespass violation from his days at William and Mary. At this point you just need to give it up and accept the fact that this dude is racist.

Wikicensors have cut information that would cast Epstein in a positive light, while exaggerating negative information. For instance, they repeat the sort of character assassination, guilt by association, and unsubstantiated charges that they would never tolerate, if engaged in by a right-of-center group against a leftist:
Epstein has been criticized by the Southern Poverty Law Center for writing "racist essays" for "the white nationalist hate website VDARE.com" and attending and hosting events featuring racist speakers.[7][8] A Belgian reporter covering the appearance of Vlaams Belang members said the Taft Club defended "white nationalism".[9]

Writers have charged the SPLC with racism and treason, but just try adding those criticisms to its Wikipedia entry.

The SPLC is morally on a par with the national socialist National Alliance. The “Belgian reporter” is unnamed, there is no link to any source, making the reference completely unacceptable (even if it weren’t fake, which it appears to be), and even if a name and a working link were provided, it’s still SPLC-style guilt by association.

There is no reference to anyone defending or praising Epstein’s articles, and nothing about the 2009 leftwing hate campaign that got his admission to law school rescinded.

To understand how Wikipedia really works, read my 2008 American Renaissance expose, "Wikipedia on Race."